2008 dream ticket gets NRO’s blessing

National Review’s self-designated den mother, Kathryn Lopez, published my super-brief political musing in NRO’s Corner which I penned during an extended period of downtime at work today.  K-Lo had published an earlier email suggesting a 2008 unity ticket comprised of Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman, but I reckoned that Fred wouldn’t want to be jousting with a dyed-in-the-wool liberal on non-foreign policy matters, so I pushed off the following: 

 Hey K-Lo

The 2008 Ticket is Thompson-Romney- you have geographic balance (north/south), you have the statesman/CEO balance, and you have two excellent speaker/orators with two different-kinds of style and delivery who exude authority (Thompson) and managerial competence (Romney).

    Get on board now!

  Would certainly help me out a bit…


Here’s the link to my 5 minutes of internet fame:



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