Stay classy, Mexico….Not.

Well, it looks like civility and manners have left the building at the Miss Universe Pageant, being held in Mexico City, Mexico. Or perhaps they never were in the building in the first place. Throughout the week-long festivities leading up to the Miss Universe pageant last night, Miss USA, Rachel Smith, was booed and heckled for apparently no reason other than the fact she’s American. Then, during last nite’s evening gown competition, Miss Smith slipped and fell, much to the delight of the audience.  She was again roundly booed during the Q&A portion of the competition.

To my eyes, this incident is not simply an isolated incident of classless behavior by a few malcontents,  but a clear indicator of how widespread anti-American sentiment is  held by Mexicans throughout their country.  This misguided derision and bile is directed at the same country that millions of their own countrymen use as a safety valve for their failed economy; as Mexico’s underclass continues to cross the pourous U.S. border to exploit both its economic opportunity, hospitals,  and social welfare system.  Talk about biting the hands that literally feed your unwanted masses-ungrateful Mexicans are in effect pissing on those same hands as well.  

Beauty pageants, one would think, should be events which have no political overtones whatsoever- I would wager that most people are not looking to Miss Venezuela for any kind of geopolitical expertise- and it’s extraordinarily juvenile and unbecoming for the audiences at these types of events to boo the contestants as if they were political representatives of their respective countries.  For Mexicans to direct such scorn and derision at our Ms. Smith makes about as much sense as harrassing Angelina Jolie for not doing enough about the problem of unwanted children in the third world.  

This systemic anti-Americanism serves no purpose whatsoever; and it provides cover for the Mexican government to escape meaningful criticism while giving its citizens a convenient scapegoat for their own country’s decline and widespread pessimism.  Mexicans continue to live in denial of their utterly corrupt and bankrupt economy and government- both of which are absolutely resistant to any kind of substantial reform from within which would promote job and wage growth within its own country.   Let’s not even mention how firmly Mexico enforces its own southern borders to keep illegals out of their own country (which they should), yet they bang their spoons on their highchairs when anyone in the U.S. proposes even the meekest border controls to discourage illegal immigration.

Mexico, it’s time to grow up.  We’re not the cause of your problems and malaise.  There is absolutely no reason why your country could not be economically self sufficient, given its resources and geography- it requires a clean break from your past failed policies, and sacrifice.  The time has come for some tough love- we need to send your illegals home and shut our borders- PRONTO- to make you address your country’s systemic problems.  Whether the U.S. political class is going to do anything substantive about illegal immigration is looking more and more like a dubious proposition as I write. 

Since our government is on the verge of passing a crock of an amnesty law, im gonna protest your outrageousness in my own way- i won’t be spending any of my tourist dollars or buying much of anything Mexican- oh wait- outside of Corona and Tequilla, Mexico doesn’t produce much of anything anyways.   Bottoms up.


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