Rush – Still The Band of the Millenium

A ways back, my favorite rock group- Rush- were named inducted into the Harvard National Lampoon as “Musicians of the Millenia”, supposedly besting their fellow competitors Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, in what must have been a very close contest that was not settled until all the hanging chads were counted.  

In spite of all the hurt feelings of fans of those classical titans, I still feel that unique title accorded Rush was well deserved after having just caught them for the 10th or so time at the Sound Advice Ampitheather in West Palm Beach on Friday Night.  These musicians par excellence never cease to amaze as they consistently perform their craft with such precision, grace, charm, and good humor.  To me,  it is still unreal that these guys continue to turn out solid studio albums and crank out tight live performances that today’s contemporary bands only wish they could emulate.   

I know when I look back I will recall this band fondly even when im probably too old to hear,  and ive been fortunate to catch these guys live on so many occassions- you have to wonder when these guys will hang up their instruments- which is why I see them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I suppose because I appreciate this band on so many levels- lyrically, compositionally, thematically, stylistically- not to mention their individual musicianship and commitment to their instruments – that they’ve earned a special place of honor in my personal musical hall of fame.   Kudos to Dirk, Lerxst, and Pratt- modern-day minstrels extraordinaire.

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