Charlie Crist disappoints again – Global Warming comes to the Sunshine State

First, it was adding tens of thousands of felons back to the voter rolls, giving Democrats a significantly better chance of claiming Florida’s electroral votes in the presidential election, or at the very least, capturing more House seats.   Now, in Governor Charlie Crist’s ongoing endeavor to become a “New Republican” in the mold of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crist signed three executive orders  to reduce the state’s carbon emissions to combat the purported problem of Global Warming.  The mainstream media of course are ga-ga whenever a Republican “embraces the conventional wisdom” and goes against a majority of his own party, particularly on the Global Warming issue.  

Unfortunately for us Floridians, Crist is not a leader on this issue, and his demagogery relating to Global Warming is most disappointing.  Governor Crist has unfortunately fallen victim to the opinions of fearmongers and some in the scientific community who embrace man-made Global Warming theory as if it were an incontrovertible fact, replete with predictions of doom and gloom for the planet if we don’t humans cut back on our carbon emissions immediately.  Take no mind, citizens of the world, that our earth’s climate has never been a static phenomena, even before the age of the SUV.

Al Gore, the pied piper of self-proclaimed enviromentalists around the world, has declared the Global Warming debate “over” as if he were Supreme Pontiff with divinely appointed magisterial powers to excommunicate heretics from “reasonable” discussion on the matter.  Gore of course is afraid to engage in substantive debate with the hordes of climate scientists and other experts who deny his theory of manmade global warming, and this fact only shows that Gore really doesn’t have the courage of his own convictions. 

Unfortunately,  Gore isn’t too far from getting a majority of the public on his side either- there are lots of folks in the middle on the Global Warming issue who think, “well, if we are wrong about our theory, it’s just a happy accident”, yet they are utterly blind to the damage that would be done to the U.S. economy if Al Gore, Democrats, and me-too Republicans like Charlie Crist have their way, all in the name of a theory which does not stand up to the critical eye of truly objective scientists.   Carbon-emission taxes and the costs associated with making Florida “green” will now burden Florida taxpayers, potentially negating what had been some promising developments on the property-tax relief front.

We are witnessing an interesting and alarming cultural phenomena- with our age being such a cynical time, why are so many people are truly hoping for manmade Global Warming to be true, rather than letting rational thought and objective reasoning based on facts be our guide? Are we entering a new era of Superstition because large segments of our society have jettisoned Faith and Reason? Unfortunately, I believe this to be the case.  Prediction- History will look back at the proponents of the Global Warming “crisis” as a bigger folly and scientific error than the Church’s purported persecution of Galileo. 

From flawed surface temperature data used for modelling, to heat-producing development near instrument shelters, many of the data-sets that supposedly prove Global Warming are corrupted.  Some climate models have failed to account for the effects of water vapor or aerosols. Serious scientists know that climate models can have no validity unless they incorporate all relevant variables, and not just cherry-pick their data. It’s time for scientists who do not accept man-made Global Warming to start lecturing and informing politicans on this issue- we don’t need Al Gore and Charlie Crist, both of whom are not scientists, last time I checked, imposing a demonstrably false theory on the public.

Some influential scientist, perhaps Dr. Roy Spencer,  needs to remind Governor Crist that cold weather is very punishing to all kinds of life, particularly for us humans, and we should welcome the fact that our temperature has gone up roughly half a degree in the past hundred years. Why do people such as myself, and in particular older people, move to South Florida in droves?  Because warmer climates are more hospitable to life- human, animal, and plant. North or south of latitude thirty, most people understand this instinctively. If Global Warming is in fact real — though it is more than possible that it may not be — global warming would be a boon to humanity, not a catastrophe. 

It is also helpful to make a distinction between Global Warming and what constitutes authentic man-made Global Warming.  To believe in man-made Global Warming, the theory advocated by Al Gore, is to assert that our carbon emissions are so potent in their ecological impact that they override the environmental forces and systems which in the past have caused climate change naturally.   If we are merely in a phase of Global Warming being of the non-man-made variety, we should sit back, relax, and think about how we are going to adapt to higher temperatures, rather than try to greatly hamstring human activity and freedom via government regulation and increased taxation. 

We shouldn’t look at Global Warming as if it were some impending worldwide catastrophe, as many politicos such as Crist and the mainstream media continually portray it.  A warmer world would be more verdant, more “biodiverse” in terms of plant and animal life, and more capable of supporting its human population’s food and agricultural needs, not to mention the fact that less people would die from hypothermia in colder regions of the world.  Change is the normal state of climate on Earth, with or without humans and our SUVs. We will adapt as we have always done throughout the course of human history.

No thanks to you, Governor Crist- if you keep spending too much time mugging around with Ahhhnold, you just might get your cameo in a future Terminator sequel.  There is however one politician who speaks plain sense on the Global Warming issue.  Who might that be, you ask?  Why, that would be Fred Thompson, of course.


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2 responses to “Charlie Crist disappoints again – Global Warming comes to the Sunshine State

  1. First of all, I have to compliment as this passage is one of the most passionate, well-articulated texts that I have come across on the ‘net in a while. This is really impressive stuff and was absolutely an enjoyment to read.

    There is more to like as I agree nearly unanimously with your thoughts concerning global warming. Like you, I find the entire phenomenon to be yet another example of the Left attempting to depict a world delving towards destruction in the hopes of gaining electoral clout. I do have a single criticism of your piece, however:

    While my thoughts about global warming are well described above, I still subscribe to the ideal that we should do as little environmental damage as possible given the ability. This is said with the caveat that whatever action is completed to limit our environmental footprint should also cause little harm to our economy and livelihood. With that being said, I feel that your argument is only lacking in establishing what effects Crist’s executive orders have directly on our economy.

    This is to say that if it can be described in even the most contorted view that there is little connection between the environmental provisions and our economic health, then there is a weakness to begin to deconstruct your argument.

    None of this is to be too critical. In fact, I must admit that I have been fairly oblivious to local politics so I read your blog with the utmost interest. For my own education, I would simply like to see the facts correlating the provisions to the economy more deeply described.

    I anxiously await your next post. I am happy to know that someone of your wit is keeping an eye on my own work. This is really extraordinary material…

  2. I thank you for your point of view and the comments you posted on my blog, I’d like to offer these thoughts in response:

    Even if you disagree with the concept of Global Warming, most people agree that preserving our resources is worthwhile. Most people agree that it’s better to recycle something than throw it into a landfill. Most people would prefer not to breathe formaldehydes and other volatile organic chemicals for months and months after construction ends. Most people would prefer not to have to gas up their vehicles every week at $50 a pop. Most people agree that it’s better to revitalize a brownfield instead of moving into greenfield.

    (As a quick aside on the brownfield/greenfield argument, I heard a great example at the ULI conference on sustainability in April. If a dog has an accident in your living room, do you clean it up? or do you shut down the living room and build an extension onto the house? Chances are, you clean it up. So why do we do that to our metropolitan areas? We contaminate or neglect our cities and then we move outwards, abandoning our metro areas in favor of suburban, greenfield sprawl. Just an interesting aside…)

    These are issues that are addressed in LEED buildings. It isn’t all about greenhouse gases (though that is a contributing factor). It’s about indoor air quality. It’s about choosing responsible building sites. It’s about recycling materials and reducing the use of new materials. It’s about using less water. It’s about paying lower electric bills. Greenhouse gas reduction is just a great benefit of all these other things.

    LEED is good, no matter your politics, your science, or your opinions.

    Again, I thank you for your contribution.

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