Anatomy of a Smackdown, C-SPAN style

If you happen to be a C-SPAN junkie like me, and you’re somebody who schedules your day around its Washington Journal show, perhaps you need to get out of the house more often.   Nonetheless, I highly recommend that you watch David Rivkin thoroughly dissemble Glenn Greenwald in debating the merits of the latest revisions to the FISA law.  Rivkin’s analysis and explanation of the inner workings of the federal government and the National Security Agency are very illuminating, and he makes the case quite convincingly that our spy agencies are singularly focused on preventing terrorist plots from coming to fruition; that these agencies operate under very strict laws and regulations;  and combined with the vigorous oversight that they are subject to, it is simply not feasible for these agencies to recklessly surveil innocent civilians with impunity.  This debate is quite representative of the bulk of today’s right vs. left debates- on the one side, facts are combined with reasoned logic; on the other side we see the left’s penchant for baseless rhetoric, hyperbole, and scare tactics. Take 45 minutes out of your day to educate yourself on the issue of warrantless wiretaps and FISA, and why these changes to the law will be crucial to protecting innocent Americans lives in the future.

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