Charlie Crist disappoints again – Global Warming comes to the Sunshine State

First, it was adding tens of thousands of felons back to the voter rolls, giving Democrats a significantly better chance of claiming Florida’s electroral votes in the presidential election, or at the very least, capturing more House seats.   Now, in Governor Charlie Crist’s ongoing endeavor to become a “New Republican” in the mold of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crist signed three executive orders  to reduce the state’s carbon emissions to combat the purported problem of Global Warming.  The mainstream media of course are ga-ga whenever a Republican “embraces the conventional wisdom” and goes against a majority of his own party, particularly on the Global Warming issue.  

Unfortunately for us Floridians, Crist is not a leader on this issue, and his demagogery relating to Global Warming is most disappointing.  Governor Crist has unfortunately fallen victim to the opinions of fearmongers and some in the scientific community who embrace man-made Global Warming theory as if it were an incontrovertible fact, replete with predictions of doom and gloom for the planet if we don’t humans cut back on our carbon emissions immediately.  Take no mind, citizens of the world, that our earth’s climate has never been a static phenomena, even before the age of the SUV.

Al Gore, the pied piper of self-proclaimed enviromentalists around the world, has declared the Global Warming debate “over” as if he were Supreme Pontiff with divinely appointed magisterial powers to excommunicate heretics from “reasonable” discussion on the matter.  Gore of course is afraid to engage in substantive debate with the hordes of climate scientists and other experts who deny his theory of manmade global warming, and this fact only shows that Gore really doesn’t have the courage of his own convictions. 

Unfortunately,  Gore isn’t too far from getting a majority of the public on his side either- there are lots of folks in the middle on the Global Warming issue who think, “well, if we are wrong about our theory, it’s just a happy accident”, yet they are utterly blind to the damage that would be done to the U.S. economy if Al Gore, Democrats, and me-too Republicans like Charlie Crist have their way, all in the name of a theory which does not stand up to the critical eye of truly objective scientists.   Carbon-emission taxes and the costs associated with making Florida “green” will now burden Florida taxpayers, potentially negating what had been some promising developments on the property-tax relief front.

We are witnessing an interesting and alarming cultural phenomena- with our age being such a cynical time, why are so many people are truly hoping for manmade Global Warming to be true, rather than letting rational thought and objective reasoning based on facts be our guide? Are we entering a new era of Superstition because large segments of our society have jettisoned Faith and Reason? Unfortunately, I believe this to be the case.  Prediction- History will look back at the proponents of the Global Warming “crisis” as a bigger folly and scientific error than the Church’s purported persecution of Galileo. 

From flawed surface temperature data used for modelling, to heat-producing development near instrument shelters, many of the data-sets that supposedly prove Global Warming are corrupted.  Some climate models have failed to account for the effects of water vapor or aerosols. Serious scientists know that climate models can have no validity unless they incorporate all relevant variables, and not just cherry-pick their data. It’s time for scientists who do not accept man-made Global Warming to start lecturing and informing politicans on this issue- we don’t need Al Gore and Charlie Crist, both of whom are not scientists, last time I checked, imposing a demonstrably false theory on the public.

Some influential scientist, perhaps Dr. Roy Spencer,  needs to remind Governor Crist that cold weather is very punishing to all kinds of life, particularly for us humans, and we should welcome the fact that our temperature has gone up roughly half a degree in the past hundred years. Why do people such as myself, and in particular older people, move to South Florida in droves?  Because warmer climates are more hospitable to life- human, animal, and plant. North or south of latitude thirty, most people understand this instinctively. If Global Warming is in fact real — though it is more than possible that it may not be — global warming would be a boon to humanity, not a catastrophe. 

It is also helpful to make a distinction between Global Warming and what constitutes authentic man-made Global Warming.  To believe in man-made Global Warming, the theory advocated by Al Gore, is to assert that our carbon emissions are so potent in their ecological impact that they override the environmental forces and systems which in the past have caused climate change naturally.   If we are merely in a phase of Global Warming being of the non-man-made variety, we should sit back, relax, and think about how we are going to adapt to higher temperatures, rather than try to greatly hamstring human activity and freedom via government regulation and increased taxation. 

We shouldn’t look at Global Warming as if it were some impending worldwide catastrophe, as many politicos such as Crist and the mainstream media continually portray it.  A warmer world would be more verdant, more “biodiverse” in terms of plant and animal life, and more capable of supporting its human population’s food and agricultural needs, not to mention the fact that less people would die from hypothermia in colder regions of the world.  Change is the normal state of climate on Earth, with or without humans and our SUVs. We will adapt as we have always done throughout the course of human history.

No thanks to you, Governor Crist- if you keep spending too much time mugging around with Ahhhnold, you just might get your cameo in a future Terminator sequel.  There is however one politician who speaks plain sense on the Global Warming issue.  Who might that be, you ask?  Why, that would be Fred Thompson, of course.



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Rush – Still The Band of the Millenium

A ways back, my favorite rock group- Rush- were named inducted into the Harvard National Lampoon as “Musicians of the Millenia”, supposedly besting their fellow competitors Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, in what must have been a very close contest that was not settled until all the hanging chads were counted.  

In spite of all the hurt feelings of fans of those classical titans, I still feel that unique title accorded Rush was well deserved after having just caught them for the 10th or so time at the Sound Advice Ampitheather in West Palm Beach on Friday Night.  These musicians par excellence never cease to amaze as they consistently perform their craft with such precision, grace, charm, and good humor.  To me,  it is still unreal that these guys continue to turn out solid studio albums and crank out tight live performances that today’s contemporary bands only wish they could emulate.   

I know when I look back I will recall this band fondly even when im probably too old to hear,  and ive been fortunate to catch these guys live on so many occassions- you have to wonder when these guys will hang up their instruments- which is why I see them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I suppose because I appreciate this band on so many levels- lyrically, compositionally, thematically, stylistically- not to mention their individual musicianship and commitment to their instruments – that they’ve earned a special place of honor in my personal musical hall of fame.   Kudos to Dirk, Lerxst, and Pratt- modern-day minstrels extraordinaire.

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Answering misguided criticism from the Right about Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson’s rise in the polls and heightened media profile have generated a number of criticisms and critiques about both his candidacy and his record; and rightly so,  as all candidates should go through the typical vetting and examination process.  Democratic opposition researchers are  assembling its a number of anti-FDT talking points, and so far, these criticisms are either of the frivolous or meritless variety.  However, this writer has noticed several sloppy and snarky critiques by commentators and analysts considered to be on the right side of the political spectrum which I feel merit rejoinder.  Im referring specifically to recent articles and commentary authored by George Will and Bill O’Reilly.

George Will launched what I feel was an completely unecessary and withering attack on Fred Thompson  in his latest column.  Will’s article in Newsweek entitled “Is Fred Thompson all charm, no Substance”, and from there it only gets more brutal. Consider the following barb, buried amid several others in the same article:

“If he did not look like a basset hound who had just read a sad story—say, “Old Yeller”—and if he did not talk like central casting’s idea of the god Sincerity, would anyone think he ought to be entrusted with the nation’s nuclear arsenal?”

I typically enjoy Will as a writer very much, but sometimes beltway pundits, even the best ones,  need to remove themselves from their own echo chambers and actually do some due diligence before they put pen to paper .   If Will had taken a moment to actually research FDT’s public record, voting record, numerous commentaries, and recent statements in the media, he would realize that his barb would have been much better directed at a real lightweight candidate with little understanding of realpolitik or real-world experience, like, for example, Barrack Obama. 

Why Will has to make a remark about a Thompson that is probably more applicable to perhaps any other announced candidate in the race, particularly the Democratic ones, is shabby work on Will’s part.   Will goes on to say that Republicans, in their haste to annoit another Reagan, have picked someone who is “99 percent charm, 1 percent substance”.    Ludicrous, George, just ludicrous.  Movement conservatives are not going to support an empty suit simply because he’s charming, or he’s got a southern drawl, or a folksy down-to-earth demeanor, or is a TV/Film star.   Movement conservatives are rallying behind Fred’s candidacy because we perceive that we are supporting a bona fide conservative who isn’t going to waiver throughout his tenure as President or take “maverick” stands which fly in the face of either conservative principles or the Constitution. 

Likewise Bill O’Reilly, on a recent episode of the Factor,  asserted that FDT’s rise in the polls was simply due to his acting and his TV stint in Law & Order.  That is only part of the reason, Mr. O’Reilly.  Once again, for the record, Mr. O’Reilly- if Fred Thompson weren’t the most reliable conservative in the field who consistently articulates conservative principles and themes, thousands of Movement Conservatives such as myself would have dismissed his candidacy out of pocket, rather than encouraging his likely run for the president.   O’Reilly’s shoddy analysis basically implies that politically engaged conservatives would have the same level of enthusiasm for Warren Beatty that we currently express for Fred, and it’s simply the celebrity-status that FDT has which is alone responsible for his ascendancy.  Sure, there will be lots of Americans who will pull the lever for FDT because they’ve associated him with his no-nonsense straight-talking characters in both film and TV, but FDT would be a second-tier candidate if it weren’t for the conservative grassroots who are energized to get behind what they view as one of their own.

Of course, there will be several issues that conservatives will need to press Thompson on- most notably, his initial support of (but now more recent backing away from) some of the unconstitutional provisions of the campaign finance “reform” he supported with John McCain.  That said, it would be very unrealistic for conservatives to only support a candidate who has maintained perfect ideological purity throughout that given politician’s career- even Reagan made mistakes and held positions on several issues that would have rankled today’s conservatives early in his political career, as well as during his presidency. 

I for one view Thompson’s lack of legislative “accomplishments” in the Senate something of an admirable accomplishment in and of itself, considering the river of mostly frivolous, extraneous, and porkbarrel legislation that typically passes through its chambers. 

So to all you beltway pundits who think Thompson’s candidacy is merely a fluke, let’s get beyond the assertion that we conservatives are merely supporting an empty-suit actor who can’t tie his own shoes, or how we are just so desperate for the Second Coming of Reagan that we’ll back anyone who can look into a camera and come across as convincing. We demand substance in our candidates, it’s not simply an afterthought .   


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Billy, Billy, Billy….

Like many out there, I was more than a bit disappointed when Billy Donovan decided to ditch the Gators for the supposedly greener pastures of the NBA.  As soon as I heard the news of his sudden departure, I knew that the move would in no way, shape, or form, be for his professional betterment, as much as he originally thought.   Why he would leave the collegiate ranks, where he can teach, shape, and mold both basketball players and men; for the NBA, where he would not nearly be as respected by overpaid, underdisciplined players making several times his salary,  just did not make any sense, at least to myself.  Before his sudden departure, Coach Donovan could have remained at Gainesville the rest of his professional coaching career should he have so decided.  His career would be defined not simply by winning 2 NCAA College Basketball titles, but by also having made Florida a perrenial national collegiate power.  To take an NBA coaching job with a team which could conceivably languish for years without any real success would serve as a significant blot on an otherwise succesful coaching career. 

What has made Donovan such a success in the NCAA is that he a master motivator whose enthusiam and passion for the game is accepted by his players; and it is their discipline, effort, and enthusiam which is tangible on the court.  I don’t think his style and coaching persona would have translated well into the NBA, and he made the right decision by staying in Gainesville- although he should have made that decision prior to signing a long term contract with Orlando.  His indecision about his future and subsequently renegging on his contract only served to create confusion in Gainseville and alienate Magic fans, as well as possibly costing UF several top recruiting prospects.   It’s great to see Donovan back where he belongs, but his change of heart has cost himself a great deal of capital, at least in terms of credibility, in the broader Florida sports market.  Welcome back, Billy- time to take that second victory lap on the UF Beer and Bar-B-Q talk circuit.

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Stay classy, Mexico….Not.

Well, it looks like civility and manners have left the building at the Miss Universe Pageant, being held in Mexico City, Mexico. Or perhaps they never were in the building in the first place. Throughout the week-long festivities leading up to the Miss Universe pageant last night, Miss USA, Rachel Smith, was booed and heckled for apparently no reason other than the fact she’s American. Then, during last nite’s evening gown competition, Miss Smith slipped and fell, much to the delight of the audience.  She was again roundly booed during the Q&A portion of the competition.

To my eyes, this incident is not simply an isolated incident of classless behavior by a few malcontents,  but a clear indicator of how widespread anti-American sentiment is  held by Mexicans throughout their country.  This misguided derision and bile is directed at the same country that millions of their own countrymen use as a safety valve for their failed economy; as Mexico’s underclass continues to cross the pourous U.S. border to exploit both its economic opportunity, hospitals,  and social welfare system.  Talk about biting the hands that literally feed your unwanted masses-ungrateful Mexicans are in effect pissing on those same hands as well.  

Beauty pageants, one would think, should be events which have no political overtones whatsoever- I would wager that most people are not looking to Miss Venezuela for any kind of geopolitical expertise- and it’s extraordinarily juvenile and unbecoming for the audiences at these types of events to boo the contestants as if they were political representatives of their respective countries.  For Mexicans to direct such scorn and derision at our Ms. Smith makes about as much sense as harrassing Angelina Jolie for not doing enough about the problem of unwanted children in the third world.  

This systemic anti-Americanism serves no purpose whatsoever; and it provides cover for the Mexican government to escape meaningful criticism while giving its citizens a convenient scapegoat for their own country’s decline and widespread pessimism.  Mexicans continue to live in denial of their utterly corrupt and bankrupt economy and government- both of which are absolutely resistant to any kind of substantial reform from within which would promote job and wage growth within its own country.   Let’s not even mention how firmly Mexico enforces its own southern borders to keep illegals out of their own country (which they should), yet they bang their spoons on their highchairs when anyone in the U.S. proposes even the meekest border controls to discourage illegal immigration.

Mexico, it’s time to grow up.  We’re not the cause of your problems and malaise.  There is absolutely no reason why your country could not be economically self sufficient, given its resources and geography- it requires a clean break from your past failed policies, and sacrifice.  The time has come for some tough love- we need to send your illegals home and shut our borders- PRONTO- to make you address your country’s systemic problems.  Whether the U.S. political class is going to do anything substantive about illegal immigration is looking more and more like a dubious proposition as I write. 

Since our government is on the verge of passing a crock of an amnesty law, im gonna protest your outrageousness in my own way- i won’t be spending any of my tourist dollars or buying much of anything Mexican- oh wait- outside of Corona and Tequilla, Mexico doesn’t produce much of anything anyways.   Bottoms up.

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Iranian Nuclear Program Endgame moving closer…

If the slow-witted IAEA is concluding that Iran’s nuclear enrichment is moving full steam ahead, we are getting much closer to the military showdown with Iran that is inevitable.  The next tell-tale sign that this conflict is imminent will be when Iran tells the IAEA to take a hike- it looks like we are much further down the road that the conventional wisdom is saying.

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Jar Jar Binks, call your office….

George Lucas has called Spiderman 3 a “silly” movie.  Now, I havent seen the new Spiderman flick yet, but has George Lucas been watching his own flicks for the past, oh, say 10 years?  Talk about living in your own bubble….

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