Billy, Billy, Billy….

Like many out there, I was more than a bit disappointed when Billy Donovan decided to ditch the Gators for the supposedly greener pastures of the NBA.  As soon as I heard the news of his sudden departure, I knew that the move would in no way, shape, or form, be for his professional betterment, as much as he originally thought.   Why he would leave the collegiate ranks, where he can teach, shape, and mold both basketball players and men; for the NBA, where he would not nearly be as respected by overpaid, underdisciplined players making several times his salary,  just did not make any sense, at least to myself.  Before his sudden departure, Coach Donovan could have remained at Gainesville the rest of his professional coaching career should he have so decided.  His career would be defined not simply by winning 2 NCAA College Basketball titles, but by also having made Florida a perrenial national collegiate power.  To take an NBA coaching job with a team which could conceivably languish for years without any real success would serve as a significant blot on an otherwise succesful coaching career. 

What has made Donovan such a success in the NCAA is that he a master motivator whose enthusiam and passion for the game is accepted by his players; and it is their discipline, effort, and enthusiam which is tangible on the court.  I don’t think his style and coaching persona would have translated well into the NBA, and he made the right decision by staying in Gainesville- although he should have made that decision prior to signing a long term contract with Orlando.  His indecision about his future and subsequently renegging on his contract only served to create confusion in Gainseville and alienate Magic fans, as well as possibly costing UF several top recruiting prospects.   It’s great to see Donovan back where he belongs, but his change of heart has cost himself a great deal of capital, at least in terms of credibility, in the broader Florida sports market.  Welcome back, Billy- time to take that second victory lap on the UF Beer and Bar-B-Q talk circuit.

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Stay classy, Mexico….Not.

Well, it looks like civility and manners have left the building at the Miss Universe Pageant, being held in Mexico City, Mexico. Or perhaps they never were in the building in the first place. Throughout the week-long festivities leading up to the Miss Universe pageant last night, Miss USA, Rachel Smith, was booed and heckled for apparently no reason other than the fact she’s American. Then, during last nite’s evening gown competition, Miss Smith slipped and fell, much to the delight of the audience.  She was again roundly booed during the Q&A portion of the competition.

To my eyes, this incident is not simply an isolated incident of classless behavior by a few malcontents,  but a clear indicator of how widespread anti-American sentiment is  held by Mexicans throughout their country.  This misguided derision and bile is directed at the same country that millions of their own countrymen use as a safety valve for their failed economy; as Mexico’s underclass continues to cross the pourous U.S. border to exploit both its economic opportunity, hospitals,  and social welfare system.  Talk about biting the hands that literally feed your unwanted masses-ungrateful Mexicans are in effect pissing on those same hands as well.  

Beauty pageants, one would think, should be events which have no political overtones whatsoever- I would wager that most people are not looking to Miss Venezuela for any kind of geopolitical expertise- and it’s extraordinarily juvenile and unbecoming for the audiences at these types of events to boo the contestants as if they were political representatives of their respective countries.  For Mexicans to direct such scorn and derision at our Ms. Smith makes about as much sense as harrassing Angelina Jolie for not doing enough about the problem of unwanted children in the third world.  

This systemic anti-Americanism serves no purpose whatsoever; and it provides cover for the Mexican government to escape meaningful criticism while giving its citizens a convenient scapegoat for their own country’s decline and widespread pessimism.  Mexicans continue to live in denial of their utterly corrupt and bankrupt economy and government- both of which are absolutely resistant to any kind of substantial reform from within which would promote job and wage growth within its own country.   Let’s not even mention how firmly Mexico enforces its own southern borders to keep illegals out of their own country (which they should), yet they bang their spoons on their highchairs when anyone in the U.S. proposes even the meekest border controls to discourage illegal immigration.

Mexico, it’s time to grow up.  We’re not the cause of your problems and malaise.  There is absolutely no reason why your country could not be economically self sufficient, given its resources and geography- it requires a clean break from your past failed policies, and sacrifice.  The time has come for some tough love- we need to send your illegals home and shut our borders- PRONTO- to make you address your country’s systemic problems.  Whether the U.S. political class is going to do anything substantive about illegal immigration is looking more and more like a dubious proposition as I write. 

Since our government is on the verge of passing a crock of an amnesty law, im gonna protest your outrageousness in my own way- i won’t be spending any of my tourist dollars or buying much of anything Mexican- oh wait- outside of Corona and Tequilla, Mexico doesn’t produce much of anything anyways.   Bottoms up.

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Iranian Nuclear Program Endgame moving closer…

If the slow-witted IAEA is concluding that Iran’s nuclear enrichment is moving full steam ahead, we are getting much closer to the military showdown with Iran that is inevitable.  The next tell-tale sign that this conflict is imminent will be when Iran tells the IAEA to take a hike- it looks like we are much further down the road that the conventional wisdom is saying.

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Jar Jar Binks, call your office….

George Lucas has called Spiderman 3 a “silly” movie.  Now, I havent seen the new Spiderman flick yet, but has George Lucas been watching his own flicks for the past, oh, say 10 years?  Talk about living in your own bubble….

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The Coming Storm – Hezbollah builds a Western base

Well, even the mainstream media has gotten around to reporting the fact that assorted terrorist groups are getting a foothold throughout Latin America.  Read the following story, watch the video interviewing a future jihadist, and ask yourself- do you think there’s any way to reason with this dead-ender?  Do you think it would take any effort for him to blend in seemlessly within the populace before he detonated himself or committed mass murder? 

It’s just a matter of time, my friends.  If our special-ops can’t get to these evil individuals before long, we will soon see them on our streets.

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2008 dream ticket gets NRO’s blessing

National Review’s self-designated den mother, Kathryn Lopez, published my super-brief political musing in NRO’s Corner which I penned during an extended period of downtime at work today.  K-Lo had published an earlier email suggesting a 2008 unity ticket comprised of Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman, but I reckoned that Fred wouldn’t want to be jousting with a dyed-in-the-wool liberal on non-foreign policy matters, so I pushed off the following: 

 Hey K-Lo

The 2008 Ticket is Thompson-Romney- you have geographic balance (north/south), you have the statesman/CEO balance, and you have two excellent speaker/orators with two different-kinds of style and delivery who exude authority (Thompson) and managerial competence (Romney).

    Get on board now!

  Would certainly help me out a bit…


Here’s the link to my 5 minutes of internet fame:

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War with Iran and its Proxies is Inevitable

I know that the above statement will never be uttered by any elected politician, particularly those politicians running for president in 2008; and very few pundits will put the same words into print, but since I am unconstrained by such niceties and electoral considerations, I will go on the record and say it.  Unless the present mullahcracy and Ahmadinejad are usurped in an unlikely coup d’état,  The United States and Israel, along with various closeted allies, will be forced to conduct military operations to strike at Iran’s widely scattered nuclear facilities.  The culmination of this conflict, which in actuality has been ongoing for 30 years since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, is rapidly approaching; and there will be no negotiation, no diplo-speak, no compromise that heads this confrontation off.  

The truth that many people find difficult to grasp is that Iranian regime has irrevocably resolved to destroy Israel and whomever else it can destroy in the process, even if it brings about its own destruction in the process.  Sounds implausible?  If it does, then you have not understood fully the psyche of the Iranian regime, their utter hatred and contempt for Israel and the West, and their unbreakable desire to see the State of Israel to its end, even if it sets forth a much broader regional conflict that kills millions of its own civilians (and I do not use that number loosely), and ultimately its own destruction.   We are dealing with a rational, calculating, and yet simultaneously evil Iranian regime; completely disinterested in peaceful resolution, and fanatically obsessed with realizing its perverted religious and eschatological aims.

When these U.S.  military operations commence, they will be quickly followed by assymetric terrorist attacks at mostly soft U.S. targets around the world, conducted by various terrorist groups who are waiting for the green light to strike unsuspecting civilians and tourists.   We can and should expect a number of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in the wake of U.S. Military operations in Iran.  Of course, these same groups would love to strike harder and more fortified targets that could cause serious economic disruptions and cause mass casualties, but striking soft targets of opportunity  will be an attempt by these terrorists to instill a climate of panic, fear, and confusion across the populace, with the hope that the schisms within the general population will be further exacerbated.  If these operations occur during the remainder of President Bush’s tenure, rest assured there will be intensified calls for the President’s impeachment.   

We will also see many liberals and Democrats opine that these terrorist attacks on U.S. soil were reprisals for U.S. aggression, hegemony, arrogance, etc.;  however this analysis is pure folly.  We presently have numerous terrorist cells of many stripes- al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, – poised to strike within the United States.  They have already formed the murderous intent to strike U.S. targets, irregardless of what foreign policy path we pursue.  There will be much caterwauling on the left complaining that we brought these strikes upon ourselves, but unfortunately many on the political left do not fully comprehend the viciousness and evil nature of the terrorist threat,  and the only way that these terrorists can be thwarted is if they are killed or captured prior to executing their murderous aims. 

How far are we away from these military operations and subsequent terrorist attacks occurring?  I say we are much closer in time to these events coming to pass than the conventional wisdom of the punditry states.   I believe we are talking about a range of anywhere between the next several months and 5 years from now; depending upon a whole host of political circumstances and events going on behind the scenes.  It is impossible to gauge exactly much more precisely than this, given that the citizenry is not privy to much crucial information (and rightfully so), but we should also be aware that the Israelis are privately very nervous about how far along Iran’s nuclear programme has actually developed, and it is their existence which is under direct threat.  Couple that with the fact that historically,  intelligence agencies have a poor record of exactly gauging the progress of clandestine nuclear weapons programs, and we are talking about events unfolding sooner, not later.  

The bottom line is this- don’t be surprised when the U.S. Military operations commence without warning, and expect that domestic terrorist reprisals will follow.   This is a conflict that most unfortunately, needs to happen- I can only pray that its conclusion brings about the minimum number of U.S. military and civilian casualties. I also hope and pray that as many innocent Iranian civilians, many of whom are pro-U.S. and have been repressed for decades by the radical Islamists, are spared; yet at the same time I hope that the Ahmadinejad regime and its terrorist proxies are brought to their ultimate demise.  


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Urban Renewal Continues…

Just back from the South Florida Gator Gathering, an event for Alumni and Friends of the Gator Nation, where the featured guest was Urban Meyer, coach of the NATIONAL CHAMPION Florida Gators.  Meyer gave a motivational talk/pep rally/state of the Gator football team address that got me totally psyched for the upcoming football season.  Meyer said that UF’s absence from past SEC Championships was due to the program “going soft” after the Ol’ Ball Coach left.  He vowed never to let that happen again, and promised to field “The Fastest Team in America”, as he was very enthusiastic about both his current and future crop of recruits.  With so many freshman and sophmores on the team this year, I think it’s going to be hard to replicate last year’s success;  but more importantly, Meyer is laying the groundwork for Florida to become a perennial contender and football powerhouse.  He emphasized that he and his coaching staff are @ UF for the long term, and they believe that another National Championship is within reach during the Tebow Era.   One word comes to mind when you try to describe Meyer’s persona- driven.   The man exudes confidence and a winning attitude, and he’s a credit to both his profession and to the Gator Nation. 

Expect more smashmouth SEC Football commentary in this space as the season draws nearer….

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Sheryl Crow’s Global War on Toilet Paper

Sheryl Crow, the renown songwriter/musician, but unrenowned scientist, has hatched a brilliant idea to combat Global Warming- she advises the great unwashed to reduce our usage of Toliet Paper to one sheet per visit, or as she further explains,  “on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required”.

IMHO, there are no words to accurately describe the boundless absurdity of her advice,  but I have one thing to say to the cute but stone-cold clueless Ms. Crow- You can take my T.P. from my cold, dead (but clean!) hands!

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Person of the Week – Boo Weekley

Gotta send a shout out to Boo Weekley, who won last week’s Verizon Heritage PGA event in dramatic fashion.  This was a well deserved win, following his collapse @ the Honda a few weeks ago.  We will be hearing more from this guy, as his folksy-good-‘ol-boy southern charm combined with his talent for hilariously unsophisticated anectdotes will be keeping us entertained for a long time to come.  If I could choose one guy right now that i’d like to drink beers and chew the rag with, hands down, it is Boo Weekley.  

Prediction- The Weekley Report, coming soon, only on the Golf Channel.  

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